When you select EOSD™ equipped products you’re gaining the benefits that have made EOSD™ the natural choice of leading hotel chains, homeowners, architects and interior decorators throughout the world. Our customers choose EOSD™ fitted products because they know they are dealing with an international organisation that is backed by a network of dedicated agents and distributors who professionally service their needs and warrant the product.

In a world on edge with health products and procedure, EOSD™ is the stabiliser. Research teams and independant companies alike have proved time and time again that bacteria spread is rempant in today's high speed world that most people don't take the time to notice.
It has also been well documented that public washroom hand dryers are a major contributor to bacteria spread.
  Research on Hand Hygiene
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So Why Try EOSD™
An EOSD™ filter system in a Panache hand dryer are dynamite against bacteria growth and spread.
There are generally three methods of hand drying, these include:

1. Hot air blowers,
2. Cloth cabinet roll towels
3. Single sheet disposable paper towels

Surprisingly, hot air blowers actually increase bacteria levels by up to 500% and are the least effective hand drying solution. Most people do not dry their hands for long enough under a hot air blower and as a result of this damp, warm hands provide the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply. In addition to this, bacteria can be found in and around the inlet and outlet nozzle, turning the blower into a 'germ incubator'.
However, an EOSD™ cartridge, combined with a high speed air flow Panache hand dryer kill 100% of bacteria and well as coating your hands with anti-bac to kill anything that may have come in contact with your hands whilst in the washroom.

The following downloads explain in deapth the research on hand dryers and hand hygiene as well as showing the advantages of hand dryers over the alternatives of paper towel or towel roll.

Why Choose Hand Dryers [41KB]   Hand Hygiene Facts [116KB]