EOSD™ proudly launches its revolutionary 100% anti-bac motion release airflow technology…..a world first innovation.

This unique and patented motion release technology is the answer to any airflow application where the general public, medical bodies, hospitals, schools and the like, expect and demand clean, bacteria free air. And in today's world of dangerous and life-threatening airborne viruses, and where the importance of providing clean bacteria-free air increases daily, shouldn't all airflow systems have EOSD™ technology?

It is also the answer to absolute washroom hygiene. For years, hygiene companies have conducted a never-ending quest to find the perfect solution to the problems of malodours and bacteria in their customer's washroom. After six years of development and extensive laboratory testing over three continents, EOSD™ Global has developed this revolutionary concept that will change the way we manage our customer's washrooms. No longer will we be looking to cure the problem, EOSD™ prevents it from occurring in the first place.

The unique cartridge filtration system is clinically proven to kill 100% of airborne bacteria! This filtration system not only traps and kills bacteria, but also fragrances the room, whilst the final cartridge disperses anti-bac onto the hands, thus ensuring total hygiene both within and upon exiting the washroom.

It can also be applied to a myriad of applications such as vacuum cleaners, air-conditioning systems, ventilation systems... anywhere where hygienic airflow is demanded or required.