Washroom Solution

EOSD™ motion release technology is the ultimate solution to total washroom hygiene and has set the benchmark with its revolutionary filter system…..the first in the world to provide 100% protection from dangerous bacteria.

No longer will patrons have to cringe at the smell of odours within the washroom, nor feel uneasy and uncomfortable about the distinct likelihood of picking up bacteria from taps and door handles and anything they touch within the washroom.

Due to the ever increasing health risks and occupational health and safety issues within the work place and public environments, (such as the SARS Virus, Bird-flu etc), the general public and work place employees are demanding better hygienic environments to work and socialise in.
In washrooms the air can become heavily contaminated with a variety of micro-organisms.
   •Environmental organisms - brought in by shoes
   •Skin organisms - generated when washing hands
   •Hair organisms - generated when brushing and combing
   •Gut organisms - generated when a WC is flushed, the impactation of the water hitting the bowl creates tiny droplets of water these droplets are called aerosols they float around the washroom for about eight minuets, and contain whatever bacteria is in the WC, these aerosols may be ingested by anyone that enters the washroom during that period - it is obvious to see that the transmission of bacteria from one person to another (cross contamination) can easily occur.

With EOSD™ airflow technology fitted to the Panache range of hand dryers, you have the perfect means to maintain a bacteria-free washroom environment at all times, simply through utilizing the Panache hand dryer’s timer function. The air within the washroom can be recycled within a few minutes, thus providing a continuous purification process day and night.

Finally - a total solution to washroom hygiene and odours.
EOSD™ motion release technology has set the benchmark in washromm hygeine with its unique and clinically proven cartridge system.....the first in the world to provide 100% protection from dangerous bacteria.

Air Conditioner Solution

Room air conditioners are almost essential in today's world. However, air conditioner's are also blamed for spreading many allergents and bacterial diseases.

Now, EOSD™ has developed a cartridge to co-exist with your air conditioner's original dust filter to provide you with total protection.

Fragranced, stripped of bacteria and ready to breathe, your air conditioner has never been more health effective.

Fan Solution

Fans are designed to circulate the air. The only downfall is that if the air in a room has odours, or there is airborne bacteria present, a fan will continuously circulate these problems. Attach an EOSD™ filter cartridge to the back of your existing fan and the problem is solved. Not only will the filter system remove the bacteria and odours, it will also release your chosen fragrance into the air.

Used in conjunction with a powerful hand dryer such as the Panache S10, your room can be 100% bacteria-free and fragranced at all times as the two units constantly re-cycle and purify the air.

Hair Dryer Solution

The revolutionary EOSD™ airflow technology can be applied to hair dryers to afford bacteria-free and fragranced airflow onto the hair.

Just as you would shy away from using somebody else’s hairbrush or toothbrush, you certainly would not use their hair dryer if you knew the high levels of germs it contained.
A build-up of hair and associated scalp oils build up in the air intake of a conventional hair dryer. The air passes through this collection of unhygienic sediment and is blown straight onto your hair and scalp!

By using Panache hair dryers fitted with EOSD™ airflow technology, you can be assured of total hygiene for your hair and scalp at all times.

EOSD™ is the ultimate in hygienic hair drying.

Hand Dryer Solution

EOSD™ technology + hand dryer = total washroom hygiene.

Hand dryers fitted with EOSD™ filter system provides the means to continually purify and fragrance the air within washrooms and all other environments where a hand dryer is fitted.

Hand dryers such as the Panache S10 with the EOSD™ filter system can recycle the air within minutes, removing and killing 100% of the bacteria, fragrancing the air and most importantly, dispersing anti-bac onto the hands of the patron.

No more mess and re-stocking with paper towels, no re-using dirty and bacteria ridden hand towels and most importantly, the critical advantage EOSD™ affords is that patrons can leave the environment confident that the anti-bac dispersed onto their hands is providing total protection.

In conventional hand dryers air is drawn in through the inlet port and then passes over a hot element, it is then expelled through the outlet. Micro organisms are not killed through this process, some micro-organisms may in-fact multiply due to the warm moist environment. These micro-organisms are subsequently blown onto the hands or face of the user, which may result in cross contamination.

EOSD™'s innovative new technology totally prevents the risk of bacterial transfer and contamination associated with hot air drying in public environments. This breakthrough in the hygiene industry has also led to hospitals, doctors, medical clinics, industrial kitchens and other industries being able to utilise a hand dryer in these areas where hand dryers have previously not been able to deliver a hygienic hand drying solution.

With EOSD™ airflow technology found in the Panache range of hand dryers, you have the means to maintain a bacteria-free washroom environment at all times, simply through utilizing the Panache hand dryer’s timer function. The air within the washroom can be recycled within a few minutes, cleaned of bacteria and fragranced continually throughout the day and night as a continuous purification process.

All hand dryers can be retro fitted with EOSD™ technology so there is no excuse why your current hand dryers should not be providing total protection of your patrons, workplace staff and the general public.

Vacuum Solution

An EOSD™ filter system in your vacuum cleaner means you breathe fresher air each and every time you vacuum.
EOSD™ not only removes dust mites and pollens, but the innovative anti-bac filter system also kills any bacteria that maybe stirred up from carpets. At the same time, EOSD™ releases anti-bac into the air, killing airborne bacteria as well.
The fragrance cartridge means your room is being fragrances as you vacuum, leaving the room with no malodours.

Whether for use in homes where the health and well being of children and family is paramount, or in the hospitality industry where your customers will prefer and appreciate a bacteria-free and fragranced room, EOSD™ motion release filter system provides the solution and the protection.