EOSD™ technology has set a new benchmark in washroom hygiene. EOSD™ Global alongside the Panache Group have released a range of washroom and hospitality products featuring the new EOSD™ anti-bac filter system.

With it's proven 100% removal of air-bourne bacteria, EOSD™ filters in your washroom are essential. The Panache S10 hand dryer, fitted with an EOSD™ filter system, has had worldwide approval from our customers.

Mezuna has always prided itself on serving the best quality fresh food in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The S10 hand dryers have really assisted us with creating a pleasant environment within our washrooms, helping us extend the professionalism of our business throughtout our establishment.

BMW has always provided quality in what we do and installing the S10 hand dryers... has certainly been noticed and appriciated by our customers.

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