EOSD™ motion release technology comprises a simple 4-way cartridge filter system.

Entraps and kills bacteria Removes malodours in the room Releases fragrance & perfumes Disperses anti-bac onto your

1: The first Anti-Bac filter traps and kills any bacteria taken in through the intake of the filter.
2: The second filter is a charcoal substance that traps odours in the air.
3: The third stage is a fragrance pad that releases a perfume into the air leaving that 'just cleaned' smell all the time.
4: The final stage of EOSD™ is a second Anti-Bac filter known as Super-Bac, which releases an anti-bac onto your hands to kill any bacteria that you may have come into contact with while in the washroom.

These 4 steps have been clinically proven to kill 100% of bacteria that are found in washrooms.

EOSD™ technology is not just limited to washroom applications. See 'Applications'.
The filter system can be made and tailored to suit a myriad of applications where your patrons, workplace staff, or the general public will benefit from and appreciate a bacteria-free environment.
Whether it be in -
•  washrooms
•  hotel rooms
•  the home
•  the office/workplace
•  medical establishments
•  hospitals
•  schools
The Quad that kills bacteria - EOSD™

...only EOSD motion release technology can offer 100% total protection.